Bringing Class to Nerddom.

Hi there! This is Aiden.

A classically trained composer & violinist, I'm a certified Fellow of the Trinity College of London, and an associate of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and am finishing my Bachelor's degree in violin performance at the University of North Texas.

I'm also is a full-time nerd, and have recently become a creator/producer at, a digital network aiming to create free nerdy content for all to enjoy. I enjoy my additional responsibilities, on top of composing and sound design, of writing, producing, and playing too much dungeons and dragons.

I always look for new niches to fill musically, and as part of this ongoing project, and as part of my branded channel within Nerdsmith: Dungeon Maestro Audioworks, I'm currently producing: Monster Melodies, a series of musical themes for EVERY monster in the 5th edition D&D monster manual.

Photo credits to Aiden Chan © - 2013